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Fundraising activities

Gas and Grocery Card Sales

What:  Kwik Trip, Festival Foods, Tru North Shell, and Woodman’s gift card sales.  This fund raising activity is for all music students and their families.

Why:  These businesses allow us to purchase pre-paid gift cards that can be used for any purchase in their respective stores. We purchase them at a discount off face value and sell them at face value, which creates a “profit” off each sale. However, since the full value of the card is used in the store, there is no net cost to the person buying the card. Of this profit, a portion goes to the account of the student selling the card, and a portion goes to the Booster General Fund.

When:  Ongoing

How You Can Help:  Share the information with friends, family and co-workers.  Take pre-paid orders and submit them. Distribute the cards.

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