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Current Fundraisers

There are many opportunities for you to support the Pulaski Music Boosters and our world-class music programs! Some fundraisers support the general music booster fund, some are dedicated to either choir or band, and some also offer you the opportunity to help build your student’s activity account to pay for trips taken by the choir and band programs.

(Note: Activity account fundraising is credited to students’ accounts, not paid to students or families directly. Please refer to the booster Bylaws for full details on student accounts.)


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Physical Gift Card Purchase: Pay with check or cash to PMB

KWIK TRIP: 5% back and all goes to the student booster account

WOODMANS: 5% split, 1/2 to student booster account and 1/2 to PMB

FESTIVAL FOODS: 3% split, 1/2 to student booster account and 1/2 to PMB

All in increments of $50 or $100 gift cards.


Resch Center Opportunites

Fund your student account by working concessions at the Resch Center. Click below for current opportunities.

Resch Center Opportunities


For any questions or more information please contact Krista Halla-Valdes at k_halla@hotmail.com or 414-267-7746.



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or email your recipe to pulaskimusicboosters@gmail.com



Go to Amazon, select main menu, click on AmazonSmile within Programs and Features

Select Pulaski Community Schools Music Boosters as your charity.

Follow directions to activate and use AmazonSmile when purchasing from Amazon (as well as using Raise Right Amazon gift cards!! Win Win!!)

Festival Food Cards

$20 each. Please return money or cards by August 19th. For additional cards, contact Krista. 


Have fundraising ideas? Let us know!





Get In Touch

Location: PO BOX 441, Pulaski, WI 54162

Telephone: 920-655-7273

Email: pulaskimusicboosters@gmail.com