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Choral Awards

National School Choral Award Recipients

  • 2022 Lindsey Seaquist
2021 Hannah Dornfeld
  • 2020 Alyssa Bruckert
  • 2019 Gabe Koepke
  • 2018 Dana Madden
  • 2017 Isabelle Robertson
  • 2016 Michelle Wood
  • 2015 Clara Peterson
  • 2014 Angela Townsend
  • 2013 Karlye Whitt
  • 2012 Rachel Gullickson
  • 2011 Alex Hu
  • 2010 Sandra Weid

The National School Choral Award is given to one student per year and is the highest honor for high school choral performers.  The award is given “In recognition of singular merit, ability, and achievement, of outstanding contributions to the success of the school vocal program, and of an unusual degree of loyalty, cooperation and high qualities of conduct.”  This student has accumulated the most choral points in their four years in choir.

Choral Awards

Fred Waring

  • 2022 Ryan Bouchard/Giselle Rottier
  • 2021 Riley Brown
  • 2020 Cole O’Brien
  • 2019 Benjamin Petroll
  • 2018 Emmarose Bader
  • 2017 Annicka Rabida
  • 2016 Destin Wernicke
  • 2015 Riley Bonnin
  • 2014 Kelly Szczepanski
  • 2013 Shelby Cornell
  • 2012 Chelsey DeGrave
  • 2011 Jordyn Anklam
  • 2010 Ali Molnar 
  • 2009 Ellen Berg

Fred Waring was one of the leading choral directors of the 20th century.  The Waring Award for Chorus recognizes the talent, achievement, enthusiasm, and dedication of an outstanding choral member.  This student is the 1st runner up for accumulated choral points.

Choral Awards

Outstanding Chorus Member 

  • 2022 Marie Kraning
  • 2021 Amber Ahlswede

  • 2020 Theodore “TJ” Hock
  • 2019 Ava Baenen
  • 2018 Jordan Busse
  • 2017 Katie Challoner
  • 2016 MacKenzie Gehrke
  • 2015 Devon Caelwaert
  • 2014 Olivia Lundber
  • 2013 Kendall Forsberg, Jordan Colli
  • 2012 Mallory Mayer
  • 2011 Ryan Dummer
  • 2010 Ellen Berg

The Outstanding Chorus Member Award is given in recognition of talent, achievement, and dedication to the choir department.  This student is the 2nd runner up for accumulated choral points.

    WSMA STATE Honors Choir

    Congrats to the following students who were chosen to be 2022 WSMA State Honors Choir participants:  Kaden Brown, Tim Huber, & Audryn Just.

    Because WSMA is an integral part of the band and choir curriculum at PHS, the Music Boosters offer limited scholarships for students who audition for and make the WSMA State Honors Music Project each year.

    WSMA State Honors Music Project
 includes the Treble Choir & Mixed Choir.
  Audition Registration Opens: Late October or Early November. 
For more information and audition requirements, go to: 

    nafme ALL national Honors Choir

    Congrats to Riley Brown for making the Nafme All National Honors Choir in 2018, 2019, and 2020

    More Opportunities >>


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