On Thursday, November 9 at 7:00pm in the PHS Ripley Auditorium, we will be holding a ToR Pasadena Trip Info meeting for ALL participating parents/guardians and students.  This meeting is REQUIRED for ALL trip participants so please make plans to attend.
At the meeting, we will review our trip policies, itinerary and other details.  We will also provide an opportunity for chaperones and students to meet and exchange contact info, as well as a Q&A session.
ALSO – we will collect REQUIRED forms for the trip at this meeting.  These are listed below.
Required Forms:
1- PCSD Field Trip Form
2- Pasadena Trip Code of Conduct
3- Medication Form* (as needed – 1 per medication)
*The medication form has been shared with you already, and is also available on our website.  A form is required for EACH medication your child will be taking while on the trip (including over-the counter medication).  We highly encourage you to print and sign the med form(s) ahead of time, then bring them to the meeting to turn in.  This will save you time!
Please reach out to your child’s director if you have any questions, otherwise we will see you on Thursday, 11/9 at 7:00pm.